November 7, 2010

Simple dan Peace About me...

Posted by Lyla
Ana sukakan ketenangan..
I am a very simple and prefer peace and solitude .. really love nature and animals .. especially cats and birds .. but I also loved the wild animals .. snakes, owls and everything except the parasites.
I really like the sky and the clouds .. marine and coastal .. because that is where the real meaning of peace ..

I love to capture images from different angles, and vice versa .. it makes me feel happy and I feel satisfied to appreciate anything in this world ..

While waiting the bus
I love to read on the trip, because it prevents me from seeing something that is sinful,
I love to sew because I feel satisfied with what I wear ..
I love to write poems and stories .. Because it makes me feel my self worth ..

And I love to paint because I can express my feelings ..

Lukisan wajah insan tersayang... 
But all was just a hobby and dream, and I seldom do ..
I do not have sophisticated cameras to appreciate what I see .. it is enough that I keep in my heart ...
I only have a few books to read, but I borrowed three books a week in the library is enough to make me happy ..
I do not have a sewing machine, but I'm waiting for times to come home to get started.
Also do not have the courage to write because it makes me afraid of my weakness.
And I do not have a complete set of drawings as an artist, only a 2B pencil is enough for me to express my feelings, not like compliments, but I feel proud of myself.

Actually, that's what makes me a simple .. because I'm only able to do what I can bear. I am very grateful for what ia am ... and iam very appreciate what is around me even a pinch of smiles.
Honestly I do not know how to get along, but I'll my best to make other people comfortable with me ..

Along with my name, I really appreciate LOVE, Ruuhul Huubi (spirit of love) ... because the love has build myself until now. The spirit from family and friends .. Love is everything ..... Thanx to Allah, I am now very happy and peaceful .. and also because there are person who is always there for me ... a lover and a true friend ..
And a dream that became a binding promise...
Ameen..Bi Iznillah Ya Rabbana.. . InsyaAllah .. ^ _ ^ '


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