April 29, 2012

Hapily ever after...

Posted by Lyla

Marriage is where your life with new episodes, what is important is how a partner to maintain the couple's meaning. Always supportive each other .Fairy tale tells the story full of tragedy and ends with life Happily ever after. Dreams of children are often so, when we feel the real life, then we know the true meaning of life. Every one of us want a good end, so far, only Allah knows. We are just ordinary people that is born in this world to be tested, signs he loves us, so we are not unmindful of world preoccupation.

Clearly, we are only human, who has a soft and weak heart. Each person can cry and regret with something. However, what we go through in life, is the bridge that Allah arranged for us to get hold of eternal life. Sometimes we think we are mature enough to get through something, but we are wrong, but by going through something difficult that is, we learn the meaning of maturity. I admit it hurts to have something that is very difficult to be accepted, more and more it has to pass through the days. If only real life is like facebook, I can block people I do not like, it is certain that I will block all the people that I was not comfortable with. After that I can pass happily life ever after. but it's all impossible right ..?

Very painful for us silent on a something, when we want to speak but we can not, because maybe we do not qualify, because we might hurt the feelings of anyone. Very difficult for us to satisfy the feelings of all people, who may be difficult to accept our weaknesses and will always look for our weaknesses. At the time, we may be more vulnerable and continue to give way.

Every day I went through this life with a bold move, and leave it to fate. But I am just ordinary people who cannot away from make mistakes. But I still dream of real happiness with my husband, which I always dreamed of. Prior to this, Allah  has fulfilled my dream of a new life, I will not let some people who are harassing me enjoy the happiness that has been and will be present. Maybe we are not quite mature through life alone, but difficult to get through this life if there are people who continue to dominate.Well, each person has their own ego, although it is often annoying to others, an ego bruise once in a while, for the better, i feel is necessary. Its difficult if we keep think about what other people think, it would take away the feeling of tranquility and happiness in life. Try to think positively is advice that will always accepted, but not easy if every day we have to face it.

 You are what you make yourself to be. So, be brave and patient with all the misfortunes that had gone through. I am very grateful for having a husband who is always there for me, I always see him try his best and give the best for everybody happy, and never run away from responsibility as servants of Allah.. Alhamdulillah.. thank you Allah.. 

We plan but Allah’s plans change ours. We waste so much time trying to understand things that only He understands. Don’t even think you’re smart enough to figure out what’s going on we want to be in control and know everything but you have to realise that there’s going to be a whole lot of stuff we are never going to mentally understand. We need to get that in our heart and learn to trust Him... whatever you do, DO it FOR ALLAH.. insya`Allah ^^


Nurhamizah said...

Assalamualaikum.. Laila,,tahniah sbb da jdi isteri pda si dia yg berhak,, :) ija doakan mdahan2 kalian bahagia slalu,, n nampaknya xpyh di ungkapkan,, coretan di atas m'gambarkn ap yg laila rasa skrg adalah kbahagian,,emmm,,laila,,jelez ni,,hehe,,doakn mija Ya laila,, titisan air mata mija saat melihat kbahagian yg tpancar dari mata laila meski dari gambar laila ja, mgambarkn mija gembira,, dan berharap hamba hina a.k.a mija ini juga bisa merasakan ap yg laila rasakn,, cinta kerana Allah, cinta kepada ALLAH,,, :)

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