April 26, 2012

Creating a Sustained Awareness of Allah

Posted by Lyla

Creating a Sustained Awareness of Allah

  • How can you ensure that your life as a whole, every moment of it, is devoted to the remembrance of Allah? Below are four states of consciousness that we can strive to develop by remembering certain things and create an inner dhikr.
  • ONE:
  • Say to yourself - I am in God's presence, He is watching me (58: 7)
  • Be aware that everything you do, every word you say, Allah is ever present and His knowledge is all encompassing
  • TWO:
  • Say to yourself - Everything I have, has been gifted to me by Allah (14: 32)
  • Reflect upon your blessings and be grateful. Every time your heart beats, it does so with the permission of Allah
  • THREE:
  • Say to yourself - Nothing in this world can happen without His permission (6: 17)
  • Know that everything lies in the hands of Allah. No harm can befall you and no benefit can reach you except as Allah wills
  • FOUR:
  • Say to yourself - I am going to return to Allah one day and that day could be today (2: 156)
  • Always be conscious of this uncertainty. Let it motivate you to spend your time wisely

  • May Allah make us enter Paradise through any of it’s gates.AAMEEN, Allah knows best


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